Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

So you may wonder, How Does a ProDomme Spend Valentine' Day?

Ah, it might be nice to be selfish and attend an exquisite fetish event but as a loving, giving, nurturing Domme, I'll spend it with a few special clients and for me that will be equally rewarding! Beyond the obvious delicious play time in which I participate, giving has brought me other rewards. I've often said that a mother is judged by the nature of her children and a Domme, by the quality of her clients. I'm blessed on both accounts, especially since mommy role play is a big request.

So far Valentine's day has brought me many cards, e-cards, original poetic verses, and gifts that range from thoughtful to extravagant. The most exquisite gift is one that I can share with all of you - a gift that will keep on giving. A very special "son" surprised me with a stunning Share Aaron custom corset from Purple Passion. The folks there know my sizes and tastes and were happy to help him indulge me. When I have my next set of pictures done, I know you'll enjoy the look of this stunning piece.

My wish to all of you reading my blog is to experience in your lives the kind of joy I get from sharing time and energy with the special people that enter my world. BDSM, at it's simplest, is often described as an energy exchange. To exchange anything you must be willing to give AND receive. The activity one chooses (spanking, bondage, etc) is just a transport mechanism to a place, sometimes referred to as "head space". While understanding the mental state one wishes to achieve through play is critical, a good top knows it's how one reaches beyond your head into your heart and soul that makes play time truly memorable. So from my heart, I hope you'll remember to live, love, lust and dwell in joy on this very special of Holidays and through out the rest of your days!


Valentine's Day Shoppers Disappointed in KY

After I wrote that title I realized many of you might think KY as in jelly rather than KY as in Kentucky. But that would be silly since we all know the jelly is an old standby for a reason.

The let down is in the state of Kentucky where late minute gift givers will NOT be finding high-end lingerie for sale at rock bottom prices. Warehouse manager Christopher Perry stole $15,000 of Victoria's Secret lingerie from the warehouse where he worked near Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. His plan was to sell these items, but in an odd turn of events, his ex-girlfriend turned him in to the authorities. I guess she didn't like what he picked out for her!


The Good Old Days are Gone

While this image may be delightful, it's quite plain that if the courts have their way, these types of images won't be part of future pop-culture: today's children won't have the frame of reference.

If you follow spanking in the news, you've no doubt noticed that there's been a push to make spankings illegal in several states. We're not talking about severe beatings which are clearly abusive, we talking about the entire act!

Without getting into the amount of wasted time, energy and money by government officials and the groups pushing for these laws, Echo Online, has made some very interesting observations about our changing times.

For so many of us, the thought of being taken over a parent's knee for discipline was often enough to make us think again about getting into trouble. I know my parents felt that reasoning with us kids was always best AFTER the spanking! I don't think what they had to say would have been as well received if they skipped the part that ensured my attention. Don't get me wrong, spankings don't eliminate the need to talk to kids about whatever they did or didn't do. And based on the behavior I see in most kids today, lectures don't eliminate the need for the spankings; by themselves lectures simple don't work. Spare the rod, spoil a generation!

Read the article and give me your opinion.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Wylona in Bean Town

I'll be in Boston and still have some available session times. I'll arrive Wednesday early morning and will leave Thursday evening, February 21th and 22st. Visit my website and read the session information page, then call Me to book!


A Spanking Good Time in South Carolina

I spent my weekend in lovely Columbia, SC giving a few lessons to the sweet southern couple who own First Blush Films. I couldn't wait to play with Miss Annabelle. After I introduced her to a little bondage and showed her how much fun she could have with a strap-on, she was willing to play however I wanted. And you all know that I wanted her over my lap!

I dressed her up in my clothes and after a little snuggle time and foot play, I took her over my lap on the bed. Her bare bottom looked even sweeter as it went from milky white to rosey red under my hand. She was even a good sport and let me use my leather strap on her. I can't wait to play with her again. We've already set up another play date for July.

The World of Mistress Wylona - Firm Hands, Red Cheeks is just the first of many clips they'll have in their store, so check there often to see what's new!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Photo Shoot Updates

I have scheduled two photo shoots in the next few weeks in order to update the website. To hold you over until then, I will treat you with these "PG Rated" shots from the shoot I did for Aunt Judy’s . There are now over 700 explicit pictures of Me (too explicit to post here) on their site, with plenty more to come. So if you like pink, check out their site! Sorry, there are no pictures of me in the free areas, you'll have to join.

By now you all know my affinity for vintage inspired fashion. The perfect latex ensemble just arrived and I must say, my ass looks great clad in purple latex! My boobs don't look bad either (wink, wink). I'm sure you’re squirming with anticipation to see that outfit to be featured in my picture gallery. Look for updated pictures to be on the website in the very near future. I was waiting for my custom leather pieces to be ready prior to scheduling my next shoot, but they have been further delayed and I don't want to keep you waiting too long.

In the meantime, I am shooting a few fetish scenes for First Blush Films this weekend. When they are posted in their clips for sale site, I will post the link on my website along with the other film links.

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