Monday, July 28, 2008

Sesame Street Fosters Shoe Fetish?

Neil Patrick Harris singing about shoes with some fuzzy characters is a fun but I'll let you decide what it really means!

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Max Mosley - Did He Really Win?

The much publicized privacy court case involving Max Mosley has concluded. While the court decided in favor of Mosley and awarded him 60,000 pounds in damages, one has to wonder if he really won anything. Okay, so the case decided he had a right to expect privacy but once the video hit YouTube and his sexual interests became the stuff newspapers love to use as headlines, privacy can't be made retro-active. How once can really repay someone for the damage done to their reputation, their marriage and standing in the community? Those things can't be bought back from the public.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Feminist Porn: Sex, Consent, and Getting Off

I've finally found a position on Feminism and Sexuality that I can relate to! In a constant search for interesting items for you, I found an excellent article on Feministe . I recommend you read the full article, but for those of my readers with short attention spans here is a section from the blog to wet your whistle:
The reality of what women, even feminists, find pleasurable is not always politically correct. Sexuality is not neat and clean. I have talked to many feminist women who struggle to balance what really happens behind closed doors and what they feel the bedroom politics of a “good feminist” should be. Enjoying BDSM, strap-on sex and sex toys, genderplay, rape and incest taboo, mainstream pornography, and other “deviant” sexual taboos with a consensual partner does not make a person a “bad feminist” or a hypocrite. To the contrary, feminism is what gave me permission to love sex, with myself and with others, to embrace my sexual orientation, and find out what turns me on.
All I can say is 'you go girl'!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Spanking is in the News Again

Max Mosley, Formula 1 big shot recently caught on tape doing a Nazi themed scene with 5 "working girls", has brought "what we do" front and center on the world stage. Whether or not the uniformed scenes are your cup of tea, Mosley claims it's all about the spanking. Spanking, as an activity between adults, is thoughtfully discussed in a recent article titled "The Pleasure Principle" that appeared in The Scotsman.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sanctuary of The Goddess

My absence from this blog in no way means I have been absent from the Scene. I thought I would share something that recently posted in the Yahoo group, Sanctuary of the Goddess.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Let the clarion call of the trumpets sound throughout the land as
Superior, Dominant Women throughout the world and Their subs/slaves
and property prepare to officially "Welcome" 'Mistress Wylona'.

As "Mistress Wylona" arrives at the doors of "Sanctuary of The
Goddess" may the Superior, Dominant Women throughout the world applaud
"Mistress Wylona" as She passes through the doors and enters the
halls of "Sanctuary of The Goddess".

As the "Red Carpet" is rolled out to welcome the exalted presence of
"Mistress Wylona" and She takes Her inaugural, ritualistic and
symbolic walk through the grand doors of "Sanctuary of The Goddess",
let all submissives and slaves kneel with their heads bowed as they
meditate with prayer and gratitude on the day when those doors open
to receive Her presence.

The submissives and slaves of this group are reminded, commanded and
directed when entering the doors and passing through the halls
of "Sanctuary of The Goddess" that they do so by being ordained to
remember and to continually exercise "The 3 Protocols" of this
sanctuary: "Humility, Reverence, and Respect."

Let us praise Women everywhere as the Superior Beings They are!!

"Praise The Goddess Within"