Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Going Under

Despite all accounts I have not fallen off the planet! Just as the gray of winter was taking it's toll, the sun came out and all things brightened up. The phone has been ringing off the hook with exciting projects and fun sessions.

The most recent film project is one I'm very excited about. Going Under is a film that made a big splash at Cinekink The film will be released on DVD. The film sums up the plot as:
Peter, a psychotherapist, and Suzanne, a professional dominatrix, have been meeting once a week for over two years. In the privacy of a dungeon room in an S & M house, Suzanne delicately pierces, prods and ultimately soothes Peter as they engage in sensual dominance and submission reenactments

The real undercurrents of the plot are more interesting. During their play the professional line is broken and each falls for the other. The release of the DVD will include "Bonus Footage" that features interviews with ProDommes. Yours Truly was interviewed and hopefully some of that interview will make the final cut for the DVD release. I'll keep you posted but either way, it's a film I recommend.

Look for posts about other up coming projects!


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Seeking the Connection

I'd been feeling a bit of the winter blues, but the article that showed up in my in-box and a very touching email have really put a big smile back on my face and a song back in my heart.

Most people don't understand what it's like to be a ProDomme. If you're good, and I am, you open up emotionally for your clients - expose that which most people keep bottled up in hopes it will protect them from emotional pain. In truth, that just cuts off the ability to connect, to feel, to truly live. As a Domme empathy for your bottom can leave you drained if you're not careful. It's a balancing game, and in any game there are winners and losers. I feel quite blessed, I have won far more than most. When you complete the connection, the energy exchange, the very essence of BDSM, leaves you energized.

The article attached talks about the rare client that wants an extreme session but mentions that about 1/2 of Her sessions are "light". Do Not confuse light with superficial. I'd say that for Me, about 3/4 would fall in that light category - if we only measure levels of discipline. However, the level of raw emotion in many of those sessions are so intense, that I would hardly call them light. Recently, in one session, the magic was so intense, that both Top and bottom melded to a perfect union; the melody and rhythm of that session turned the mild into something wild. It's a session that I will not soon forget. The note that arrived in my in box shortly afterwards, is the very reason I session; the reason I put it all on the line every time I agree to do a session.

So I'd like to thank a very special music teacher from Long Island. Thanks for reminding me why I am a ProDomme.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

"Brown Noser" Video Hits #1

Everyone starts somewhere and, at least I'm starting at the top of something! The short vignettes I shot for Dutchess Von Stern Productions, were recently posted to two of HER clips for sale sites.

"I Love Brown Nosers, Smell My Ass Hole" is currently the #1 selling clip on the Forced Face Sitting and Smothering site.

It would appear that the viewing public has spoken: My ass and other below the waist sweet spots ("Eat my Sweet Candy Pussy" is currently in 3rd place on that site) have more appeal than images of me spanking, which are currently is located in her Female Domination site.

The sites linked to are owned by Dutchess Von Stern.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

The Graying of Naughty

Baby boomers being in the news is nothing new, so the fact this NY Times article was about them is not what prompted this blog entry. As one of the youngest baby boomers (1964), I appreciate that as we age, we're not allowing ourselves to be marginalized. But I've addressed that before, most recently on my birthday. What makes this article particularly interesting is the fact that we're making a big impact on an industry that was once seen as the playground for the young, beautiful and well endowed. The boomers are changing the porn industry.

Perhaps plastic perky boobs aren't what everyone wants to see. Apparently, people of all ages want to see real people, people like you and me, with a few laugh lines and maybe a few extra pounds enjoying sex. This appeals to the younger men with Mrs. Robinson fantasies and the men of our generation that don’t want to see “kids” the same age as their own or perhaps even the age of their grand daughters! Many of the "mature" film stars are married and their spouses support this change in careers. I think that's great!! That is one of the reasons I do adult films as well as my Fetish work. I enjoy sex and that isn’t changing with age, if anything, it’s gotten better for me.

I know that you understand that while I DON'T have sex with my clients, and DON'T offer it in session, I LOVE sex and partake of it VERY often, as I'm sure all of you do as well. So, even if you’re not lucky enough to find my Adult work be sure to support the adult film industry and the mature actors that are making sure we baby boomers don't go quietly into that good night.