Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Foot Fetish Story Contest

If you are a member on Alt.com you might remember seeing an email about a Foot Fetish writing contest. The rules allowed only 150 words - not an easy task, but I submitted 2 entries. Below is a cope of one entry - the other one is hotter, but you'll have wait to read that one!
Scroll Down for Story.

A seat on the train; must be a rush hour miracle. No one ever makes eye contact but
She stares directly into your soul.

You shift your gaze downward to find shapely legs clad in gloriously sheer nylons with seams.

Continuing to stare, comprehension slowly dawns: the vision haunting your dreams
is real and standing before you.

Her foot slips free and with pointed toes she drags her foot upward revealing Cuban
heels; your cock springs to life.

A sudden stop propels her shoe toward you.
Falling to your knees, you retrieve the shoe, catching the scent of leather and HER.
She presents her perfectly pampered foot. Numb with pleasure, you replace the shoe.

The trains slows, Grand Central is next.

Uncomfortably you attempt to rise, she glances at your tented slacks.

Exiting the train she hands you Her card.

Mistress W

In that moment, you know God exists.

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