Monday, February 25, 2008

WOW - Those are Some Serious Shoes!

Ever wonder what Million dollar shoes look like? No need to wonder any longer. Top shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, who just happens to be one of My favorites, designed this stunning diamond adorned pair that will set you back a cool Million. I bet they looked great on the red carpet!!

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Student Pulication Looks at Fetishes

Student publications must be getting more liberal - My college publication wasn't in color, and didn't have a "Sex Edition". The University of Western Ontario's student newspaper's (The Gazette) February 15th edition was dedicated entirely to sex. Not only is the cover photo more provocative than any published at My alma mater, but the article about sexual fetishes, spans a topic that might only be mentioned in a advanced psychology course.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

It just goes to show that even professors can be stupid, but this one was just plain lucky; he's alive to celebrate another Valentine's day.

Spending Valentines day in NY with the person you have been married to for "more than 30 years" might sound like the picture of romance, My guess, this man's wife has mixed feelings about the circumstances that brought her to NY this year. Read and decide for yourself.

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Bondage Accident - Deeply Disturbing

If you have read anything I have written, you know that I am very particular about which clients I will see and what kinds of sessions I will do. The decision is squarely mine and not open to discussion.

My RULE NUMBER ONE is that play must be Safe, Sane and Consensual. I have turned down many clients who I feel take unacceptable risks, or that simply don't/won't fully exercise their share of the responsibility to ensure compliance to that rule.

However, like any rule that is simply stated, individuals are left to apply their own personal judgment as to the meaning of "safe, sane and consensual" and therefor apply their own level of "acceptable risk".

I hate to see headlines like this in My local paper, especially when it involves supposed "professionals". But even more, I'd hate to see this incident become the weapon that some lawmaker wields to make domination (currently a legal activity) an illegal form of entertainment - using public safety as a cover-up for morality.

So play, but play safe, and above all, no matter who you play with, ask questions that will not only result in a satisfying play session, but a safe one, so you will live to play another day.

Thankfully, no one died in this incident, but that was only pure luck in timing.

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