Friday, July 13, 2007

"Adult-Only" Circus

I'm thrilled to be back in NY. I enjoyed traveling, but New York is My home and there's no place like home! Summer in Manhattan means there are more things to do and see than time will allow. So, I wasted no time in getting out on the town. I arrived home on July 5th and had plans for the 6th to see La Vie. I'm glad I didn't wait, after yesterday's review in the Times tickets may be harder to get.

Tucked behind the mostly forgotten South Street Seaport Mall, on pier 17, Spiegelworld has created is a delightful night spot to enjoy some "Adult Theater". The outdoor setting is part of the appeal. Arrive early and enjoy drinks while swinging from woven hammock style chairs tucked behind the DJ tent, giving you an unobstructed view of the East River, or reserve one of the cozy semi-private "harem-tent" style seating areas which also sport a great view of the water. If you're less adventurous, or can't get one of those coveted seats, there are plenty of picnic tables and benches all around the DJ tent. Either way, the party atmosphere outside the main tent helps set the mood for the in-your-face acrobatics that makes up the show.

While the I enjoyed the setting, My trek downtown wasn't for the atmosphere, but to see LaVie and the show alone was worth trip. The use of "Adult" to describe the content is used liberally - more to mean they don't allow anyone under 18 than to describe the content. The content isn't "prime time" material and qualifies as "mature" due to it's suggestive nature rather than any real overt sexual content despite the brief nudity in one scene. So while NOT "adult" by My standards, it was a sexy and thoroughly enjoyable show - well worth the effort. Don't wait if you want to see it, the show closes 8/31.