Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Good, Bad and the Ugly - Year in Review

Well there isn't much left to 2006 and I can't help but hope that 2007 will offer more. And, like everyone else, I'm hoping the "more" comes in the categories of things I actually want! Personally, 2006 was a pretty good year. My exposure increased significantly with the help of this blog, my website, videos and pictorials. And in those items right there, lies the good and bad and ugly. Let me explain.

As many of you have noticed, I'm a real perfectionist - a consummate professional - just one reason I do my own website design. Shooting content for others means I have to give up some control - very hard for a Domme! Nevertheless, I know that these projects give you greater access to me and that's a good thing. So, while I may not love every minute of every project, I am usually quite pleased with the result. Ultimately, you are the final judge of the content.

I have several new items that have recently made their way into cyberspace. The picture in this post is just 1 of 124 new, explicit pictures on one of the largest MILF sites. If you want to see lots of great close ups of the parts that I keep well hidden in session, this site is perfect for you. It is a Members Only site, so you'll need to pay for a membership but I KNOW you'll get more than your money's worth if you only look at my set of pictures!! As a member, they make it easy for you to download and store these images, so you can look at them over and over again. Perfect for those of you too far away to session with me often.

Join by clicking here
NOTE: My name isn't listed in Model Directory yet, but it is listed under the recent updates - Tuesday Treat #316 Big Tits on 12/26/o6.

So: Join, Log in, scroll down page to the Tuesday Treat #316 and treat yourself to 124 VERY revealing pictures of Me --> What a great way to start out your New Year!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sincere Thanks

I wanted to send my appreciation to those of you that expressed well wishes for my recent birthday through emails, e-cards, e-gift cards or those that brought gifts to your sessions. If a Dominant is judged by the depth devotion given, I shall be well judged.

Just for the record, for those of you that have asked, yes, I did win in Atlantic City. The craps tables were good to me. So I now have a new black leather skirt as a result. Look for new pictures after the Holidays in that hot number!!


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Orlando in the News Again

No not Orlando, Florida, but Janet Orlando. Remember her? She has had more than her 15 minutes! She gets spanked at work, sues and wins 1.7 M (she gets $800,000 of that) She then does the whirlwind talk show tour. Then, after an appeal, she agrees to settle the case for 1.4 Million. And then, before you can turn around, she's in the news again as she's caught shop lifting - for the THIRD time in the past three years. She pleads no contest to the charges, as she had done before. Now she's suing her former company once again because she hasn't seen the settlement money. She wants her 1.4 million plus interest PLUS another 4.2 million in punitive damages.

Maybe it's me, but.... she got spanked because she had poor performance as a salesperson and now is getting rewarded for a job poorly done! She has a history of theft and prescription drug abuse and yet this is the person that Fresno City College invites to be a guest lecturer. Is this really the person we want addressing our country's future leaders?

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's Only a Number, Right?

Age, it's only a number and yet as a society we're obsessed with it. In just 10 short days I will turn 42. I've been listing my age as 42 since the start of this quarter. I have no issues associated with age or the counting of years or the advancement there of. I don't feel the need to shave off a few years for vanity sake like so many women. Heck, I even know men that lie to themselves about their age. I'm proud of my age and all the experiences that I've had along the way.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I know I had a different - some might say better - shape 20 years ago, but I wouldn't want to turn back the clocks for anything. I'm smarter, more secure and personally feel I'm sexier than ever. Aging has given me greater insight inside myself and the male psyche. I really believe I'm on the right path, I really like who I am, I love what I do and I'm excited about the possibilities of where I might yet go.

I think being a woman in her 40's is about being in " power". I know what I like, I know what I want, I know how to get it and I'm willing to reach out and take it! I wish more women would celebrate their age. I know I'm fucking fabulous at 42 and I'm sure that I will only continue to get better.

So, on 12/16 raise a glass of wine (break out the good stuff - I'm worth it) and toast me for my birthday! I'll be celebrating in Atlantic City and I'll think fondly of all of you.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bottoms Up Program Went Belly Up, but I Give it a Thumbs Up

It's always a good day when spanking shows up in the news!

The North County Gazette brought a smile to brought a smile to my face with an article about Warren, Ohio. As a Manhattan gal, this would not have come to my attention without the Internet. Isn't life wonderful?

It seems a police chief felt regular discipline sessions for teens that got into trouble would do more good than those programs and sanctions already in the legal system. Good try, but now the officer has his hands full of legal trouble with numerous convictions and a pending suit. Interestingly though, it seems that the jury didn't consider these spankings assault and those charges didn't stick.

What I would really like to know is if the program worked!

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Website Updated

My last photoshoot was a real success thanks to a very talented fan. The hardest part was getting the pictures on-line. I am solely responsible for all the work that goes into my website. So, after far too many hours spent today, there are finally several new pages with pictures as well as updates to existing pages.

So please, check out the site and send me your comments.

Mistress Wylona