Saturday, March 15, 2008

Finally Good News On Spanking

These days "news" is more about sensationalism and less about the responsible reporting of facts. Bottom line - headlines sell. Case in point - new studies are published everyday and most will never be read, let alone be "ink worthy". But when Professor Murray Strauss published his latest study it made headlines around the world. Why?

The study concluded "children who are spanked are more likely as adults to coerce partners to have sex, to have unprotected sex and to have masochistic sex". US News and World Report's account of this story ran with the headline "Spanking Raises Chances of Risky, Deviant Sexual Behavior" Hum, Deviant Sexual Behavior bet that boosted readership.

The good news - many articles are being published that refute or at least question the studies finding. The most credible source to issue comments on the study is the
American College of Pediatricians. The Concord Monitor also published a good opinion letter on the subject and AgoraVox, a European on-line publication, posted this succinct commentary .

I encourage you to follow the links I've provided and to send Me your comments on this subject. You know how I enjoy views on spanking!!

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